A Conversation with Dr. Billy Flowers

Park Faculty Scholar Class of 2021   By Lauren Caddick ’14 If you aren’t an animal science student, you’re not likely to make your way to this southern corner of North Carolina State University – a far ways past the swaths of co-ed development and campus enterprises.    Veering right onto Lake Wheeler Rd from the busy Tryon Rd, the landscape’s shift is startling: what was previously an awkward intersection, shaded by oak trees with cars streaming from a Food
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Park Faculty Scholar James Kiwanuka-Tondo Broadens Students’ International Perspectives

James Kiwanuka-Tondo has served as one of two Chancellor-appointed Park Faculty Scholars for the graduating Class of 2016. In this role, he and his counterpart, Derek Aday, have guided their class in developing enrichment activities and advised individual students on academic matters. Kiwanuka-Tondo’s connection with the Park Scholarships program, however, began long before the Class of 2016 entered NC State.

Park Faculty Scholar Lisa Bullard Offers Students Support and Wolfpack Pride

Lisa Bullard, a Park Faculty Scholar for the Class of 2018, has built her career at NC State on the foundation of a lifelong love for the university. A native of Garner, N.C., Bullard always wanted to attend NC State. She opted to study chemical engineering because she heard it was the most difficult major and “thought it sounded like a fun challenge.”

Derek Aday Makes Splash as Park Faculty Scholar

Derek Aday serves as one of two Chancellor-appointed Park Faculty Scholars for the Class of 2016. In this role, he and his counterpart, James Kiwanuka-Tondo, guide their class in developing enrichment activities and advise individual students on academic matters. Aday also sits on the Park Advisory Committee, which provides programmatic counsel to the Park Scholarships director.

Park Faculty Mentors Named University Faculty Scholars

posted 2012.11.28 NC State University recently launched the University Faculty Scholars program and named the first group of faculty with this honor. Over the next five years, each of these 24 faculty members will receive $50,000 to be used toward academic initiatives. The program is funded by over $5 million in charitable gifts from Jim and Ann Goodnight, and the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust. The University Faculty Scholars program is part of Chancellor Randy Woodson’s initiative to invest in outstanding faculty
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Park Faculty Mentor Profile: Roger Narayan

posted 2012.07.19 As a professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University, Roger Narayan has built a career based on medical applications research while guiding his students to advance the field of engineering. Narayan serves as a Park Faculty Mentor and an academic advisor for Pooja Sarin ‘13, a biomedical engineering major from Greensboro. Narayan advises Sarin on career planning, course selection, and undergraduate research opportunities.
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Park Faculty Scholar Profile: Lianne Cartee

posted 2011.12.13 This past summer, Dr. Lianne Cartee and Dr. Barry Croom began their roles as Park Faculty Scholars with the Class of 2015. Cartee was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and received her bachelor’s degree in biological engineering from Mississippi State University. She pursued her graduate work in the area of electrophysiology at Duke University, where she was awarded a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. She later joined the Center for Auditory Prosthesis Research at Research Triangle Institute where she worked
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Park Faculty Scholar Profile: John Griggs

posted 2011.08.16 John Griggs has been a faculty member at NC State University for over two decades and currently serves as a teaching assistant professor and coordinator of classroom instruction in the Department of Mathematics. Along with Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi, a professor in the Department of English, Griggs serves as a Park Faculty Scholar for the Class of 2013.   Park Faculty Scholar John Griggs. Griggs completed his undergraduate education at Indiana State University, where he played on the football and basketball teams.
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Park Faculty Scholar Profile: Dr. Steve Barr

posted 2011.05.27 Steve Barr is a professor in the Department of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the Poole College of Management. He has served on theNC State faculty since 1995.   Barr was awarded his Ph.D. in organization behavior from the University of Iowa. His research interests include individual and group decision making, new business startups, and the commercialization of technology. Barr is a member of the Academy of Management, Southern Management Association, Decision Sciences Institute, and American Psychological Association. Along
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Park Faculty Scholar Profile: Dr. Gerry Elkan

posted 2011.04.08 Gerry Elkan received his Ph.D. in microbiology from Virginia Tech and joined the NC State University faculty in 1958. While he technically retired from NC State in 1994, Elkan has remained extremely active in the areas of teaching, research, and mentoring. Over the course of his career, Elkan has taught over 3,000 students, directed 30 master’s degree students and 28 doctoral students, and published 125 refereed articles and 3 monographs. He has been a visiting professor at universities in Malaysia and
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