The Program Community

The Park Scholarships program is very much a part of NC State, with all the benefits of a small community and the resources of a preeminent research university. Talented faculty and community leaders serve in various capacities to assist and guide the Park Scholars.

Park Faculty Scholars

The Park Faculty Scholars provide academic enrichment for class-related activities. They have four areas of responsibility in working with the Park Scholarships program:

  • To monitor and guide class enrichment activities, including the Learning Laboratories;
  • To provide the class with an overview of its group responsibilities;
  • To advise students individually and as a group on academic issues; and
  • To interact with Park Scholarships administrators, serving as communicators to and for both class activities and individual Park Scholars.

Class of 2025 Park Faculty Scholars:
Trino Ascencio-Ibáñez, Teaching Associate Professor, Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
Kay Sandberg, Teaching Professor, Chemistry

Class of 2024 Park Faculty Scholars:
Suzie Goodell, Associate Professor, Nutrition
Russell Gorga, Professor, Director of Undergraduate Programs, and Associate Department Head, Textile Engineering

Class of 2023 Park Faculty Scholars:
Cyndi Edgington, Teaching Assistant Professor, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education
Kanton Reynolds, Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Class of 2022 Park Faculty Scholars:
Steve Greene, Professor, Political Science
Lisa Parks, Teaching Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Park Advisory Committee

The Park Scholarships Advisory Committee provides important counsel to the program’s staff on the scholars’ academic enrichment activities.

  • George Hess, Chair
    Professor, Forestry and Environmental Resources
  • Sarah Ash
    Professor Emerita, Nutrition Science
  • Ricky Bloomfield ’02
    Clinical and Health Informatics Lead, Apple and CEO, G-Whizz! Apps
  • Karen Bullock
    Professor and Head of the School of Social Work, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Sean Cassidy
    Director, University Honors and Scholars Programs
  • Landra Cunningham ’03
    Senior Marketing Technical Communicator, SAS Institute
  • Mary Elting ’07
    Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Spencer Johnson ’09
    Technical Staff Member, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Susan Navey-Davis
    Assistant Department Head for Student Affairs, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Lisa Parks
    Teaching Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Kanton Reynolds
    Teaching Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Doneka Scott
    Vice Chancellor, Division of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Melanie Simpson
    Professor and Department Head, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
  • Shweta Trivedi
    Teaching Associate Professor, Animal Science and Director, VetPAC

Service Advisory Committee

The Park Scholarships Service Advisory Committee provides guidance to the Park Scholarships staff in the planning and evaluation of the sophomore year Civic Engagement Initiatives. The committee comprises Park Scholars, community leaders, and faculty.

  • Sarah Ash
    Professor Emerita, Nutrition Science
  • John Begeny
    Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Natalie Chazal ’21
    Park Scholar
  • Brad Davis
    Executive Director, WakeMed Foundation
  • Kristin Murphy
    Principal, Green Peak Partners
  • Rosalynn Phan ’19
    Automation Engineer, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Sharene Pierce ’01
    Vice President of Engineering Carolinas West, Duke Energy
  • Kati Scruggs ’18
    Graduate Student, Masters of Public Health & Registered Dietitian Program
  • Joy Tongsri (ex officio)
    Senior Associate Director, Park Scholarships

Park Enrichment Grant Committee

The Park Enrichment Grant Committee reviews proposals and awards funding for Park Enrichment Grants and Park Alumni Society Study Abroad Travel Stipends.

  • Gerald Elkan, Chair
    Professor Emeritus, Microbiology
  • Sarah Ash
    Professor Emerita, Nutrition Science
  • Veronica Catete
    Research Scientist, Computer Science
  • Clifford Griffin
    Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Holly Hurlburt
    Assistant Dean and Executive Director for Academic Enrichment Programming, University College
  • Michelle Schroeder-Moreno
    Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor, Agroecology
  • Samuel Slater ’07
    Treasurer, Park Alumni Society and Attorney, Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP
  • Sarah Ho (ex officio)
    Associate Director, Park Scholarships