The Program Community

The Park Scholarships program is very much a part of NC State, with all the benefits of a small community and the resources of a pre-eminent research university. Talented faculty and community leaders serve in various capacities to assist and guide the Park Scholars.

Park Faculty Scholars

The Park Faculty Scholars provide academic enrichment for class-related activities. They have four areas of responsibility in working with the Park Scholarships program:

  • To monitor and guide class enrichment activities, including the Learning Laboratories;
  • To provide the class with an overview of its group responsibilities;
  • To advise students individually and as a group on academic issues; and
  • To interact with Park Scholarships administrators, serving as communicators to and for both class activities and individual Park Scholars.

Class of 2021 Park Faculty Scholars:
Billy Flowers, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, Animal Science
Fay Payton, Professor, Information Systems/Technology

Class of 2020 Park Faculty Scholars:
Jenny Campbell, Teaching Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Larry Silverberg, Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Class of 2019 Park Faculty Scholars:
Sarah Ash, Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator, Nutrition Science
George Hess, Professor, Forestry & Environmental Resources

Class of 2018 Park Faculty Scholars:
Lisa Bullard, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Andy Fox, Associate Professor, Landscape Architecture

Park Advisory Committee

Members of the Park Advisory Committee for 2014-2015 (L to R): Abhinav Gupta, Jocelyn Taliaferro (Chair), Keith Fishburne, Kristin Murphy, Derek Aday, Bill Swallow, Jo-Ann Cohen

Members of the Park Advisory Committee for 2014-2015 (L to R): Abhinav Gupta, Jocelyn Taliaferro, Keith Fishburne, Kristin Murphy, Derek Aday, Bill Swallow, Jo-Ann Cohen

The Park Scholarships Advisory Committee provides important counsel to the director on the scholars’ academic enrichment activities. The committee comprises faculty, community leaders, and Park Scholar and NC State alumni.

  • Derek Aday, Chair
    Professor, Applied Ecology and Assistant Director of Academic Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Albert Blackmon ’08
    Director of Business Development, ERI and President, Park Alumni Society
  • Jo-Ann Cohen
    Professor, Mathematics
  • Joy Currey
    Founder and President, CORRAL Riding Academy
  • Abhinav Gupta
    Professor, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering and Director, Center for Nuclear Energy Facilities and Structures
  • Kathy Krawczyk
    Dixon Hughes Professor, Accounting and Director, Master of Accounting Program
  • Susan Navey-Davis
    Assistant Department Head for Student Affairs, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Lisa Parks
    Teaching Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Neal Robbins ’01
    Publisher, North State Media and Special Counsel, Nexsen Pruet
  • Larry Silverberg
    Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Service Advisory Committee

The Park Scholarships Service Advisory Committee provides guidance to the Park Scholarships staff in the planning and evaluation of the sophomore year Civic Engagement Initiatives. The committee comprises Park Scholars, community leaders, and faculty.

  • Deirdre An ’18
  • Sarah Ash
    Professor, Nutrition Science
  • Kyle Bingham ’17
  • Natalie Cooke ’10
    Teaching Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Undergraduate Nutrition Program, and Program Director, A PACKed Kitchen
  • Brad Davis
    Executive Director, WakeMed Foundation
  • Ashlyn Johnson ’17
  • Kristin Murphy
    Vice President, Market Strategy and Research, Ellucian
  • Mikayla Raleigh ’17
  • Cambray Smith ’18
  • Evan Smith ’17
  • Greg Wilson ’10
    Academic Advisor, Environmental Sciences
  • Joy Tongsri (ex officio)
    Associate Director, Park Scholarships

Park Enrichment Grant Committee

The Park Enrichment Grant Committee reviews proposals and awards funding for Park Enrichment Grants and Park Alumni Society Study Abroad Travel Stipends.

  • Gerald Elkan, Chair
    Professor Emeritus, Microbiology
  • Andrea Arnold
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Mathematics
  • Mari Chinn
    Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • Clifford Griffin
    Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Tiffany Kershner
    Coordinator, Distinguished Scholarships and Fellowships and Adjunct Teaching Assistant Professor, Anthropology
  • Jessica Rotenberg ’07
    Treasurer, Park Alumni Society and Owner, Jess Rotenberg Photography
  • Michelle Schroeder-Moreno
    Associate Professor, Crop Science
  • Sarah Ho (ex officio)
    Assistant Director, Park Scholarships