Parents & Families

Class of 2026 Park Parent and Family Reception

We value parents and families as members of the Park Scholarships community. On the day new scholars start their freshman year, the Park Scholarships staff holds an information session for parents and families. Parents and families are also invited to periodic workshops and receptions, and to celebrate their students’ completion of the Park Scholarships program at a Senior Commencement, which coincides with graduation activities.

Beyond these formal programs, we seek the talents and interests of the Park Families and Friends (PFF) community to further elevate the program now and in the years to come. The PFF are involved with a variety of Park Scholarships program initiatives, such as:

  • Recruiting future Park Scholars to NC State by visiting high schools in their areas
  • Assisting with prospective parent-focused activities during Park Final Selection Activities
  • Hosting internships and other professional development opportunities for Park Scholars
  • Mentoring Park Scholars
  • Participating in and leading service projects
  • Supporting the program with financial contributions

We always welcome Park Scholarships parents and families to connect with us!