The Park Scholars

Park Scholars are intellectually curious students who think critically and seek learning experiences outside the classroom. They listen well, lead by example, take risks, and champion original ideas. Park Scholars dedicate themselves to making a positive difference in their communities while demonstrating integrity, honesty, and conscientiousness.

Park Scholarships Class of 2026

Park Scholars hail from across North Carolina and the United States. The current classes come from three countries, 23 states, and 36 counties in North Carolina. Their academic interests run the gamut, with scholars enrolled in all of NC State’s 12 colleges. Several Park Scholars have completed their undergraduate degrees in less than four years and applied their Park Scholarship to fund graduate studies at NC State. For more details, see the program’s annual report.

Upon arrival at NC State, Park Scholars are connected with Park Faculty Scholars, Park Faculty Mentors, and other professors who challenge them to push the limits of scholarship, leadership, and service in their own lives and in the lives of others.

In addition to academic and professional pursuits, the Park Scholars engage in several team and class endeavors during their four years at NC State. They are creative, smart, motivated, service-oriented, and participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities, including student government, varsity and intramural athletics, fraternities and sororities, academic and cause-related clubs, entrepreneurial ventures, and arts organizations.

The Park Scholarships program is a stepping stone to success. Park Scholars have received numerous accolades for academic work, leadership potential, and service endeavors, including the following honors and distinctions:

Nationally Competitive Scholarships

National Honor Societies

For details about opportunities and application support, contact the University Fellowships Office.