sPark: A Park Scholarships Conference

Biennial Leadership and Networking Conference

Join us on Friday, Sept. 22 and Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023.

sPark is an opportunity for the Park Scholarships community to connect with others in the Park Scholarships community, discuss relevant issues and celebrate all of the program’s accomplishments.

Updated: A quick sneak peek into some of this year’s speakers/seminars

  • Keynote from Chasta Hamilton ’07- Your World As A Mirror: Leveraging Leadership for Meaningful Change and Lasting Impact  
  • 10 minute sPark talks from recent graduates and current students
  • Margaret Borden ‘15, Jasmine Frantz ‘13, Kelsi Harris ‘19, Philip Boyne ‘09- Teacher Flight: Why Teachers Leave, Why It Matters, and What You (Yes, You!) Can Do About It
  • Lindsay Wrege ’21- Using Your Voice for the Greater Good
  • Oliver Brooks ‘07, Madi Evans ’11 and Daniel Mellinger ’07 – Evolving Your Leadership Across Your Career Phases
  • Isaac Owolabi ’09- Engineers in Business: A Systems Approach
  • Adam Steiner ’10, Carl Smith ’16 and Owen Webster ‘18- Nuclear 101: Weapons, Energy, Policy, and More
  • Ashley Avis ’18- Data, Truth, Facts: Realities of Analytics
  • Cambray Smith ’18, Margaret-Ellen Christensen ‘02 and Owen Webster ’18- Living out the Park Pillars Before and After Graduation: An Interactive Reflection Session
  • Frankie Lineberger ’15, Corinne Wilson ’11 and Greg Wilson ’10: In Pursuit of Biodiversity
  • Lisa Bullard, Jasmine Scheitler ’17, Remy Roque ’06- Now What, High Achiever? What to Do When All You Know is What You Don’t Want to Do
  • Undiscovered Luck: Structured Networking (facilitated by Eva Feucht ’02)
  • Eva Feucht ’02 (Director)- State of the Park

Ticket Pricing:

  • Individual Ticket (Friday dinner and Saturday conference sessions) – $100
  • Individual Ticket (Friday dinner only) – $35
  • Individual Ticket (Saturday conference sessions only) – $75
  • Individual Student Ticket (Friday dinner and Saturday conference sessions) – $35*

*Scholars: If cost is prohibiting you from registering to attend sPark, please contact Mary Kornegay.

What You Gain

  • An expanded network of Park Scholars, fellow leaders and change makers
  • New insights about thinking about the key issues of our time
  • A chance to relight your sPark and get reconnected with the Park Scholarships program

Who Should Attend

All members of the Park Scholarships community are welcome to attend. We are excited to see Park Scholars, alumni, parents, faculty, family, and friends come together at sPark to connect, discover new ideas, and celebrate Park Scholars’ accomplishments. Members of the NC State and Raleigh community are also welcome.

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Photos from 2018 (our last in-person sPark!)