Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Every gift has an impact on the Park Scholarships program.

Your gift will provide vital support to our program and our scholars.

Annual gifts to Park Scholarships help fill critical gaps not covered by state appropriations. The Park Scholarships General Fund provides unrestricted funds to support our students’ urgent needs and the program’s top priorities, including scholarships, student experiences, enrichment, research, and more. You can also choose to designate your gift to any of these Park Scholarships funds.

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NC State Day of Giving is an initiative designed to strengthen the Park Scholarships program and foster a collective culture of philanthropy among the Park community.

Build a Legacy

Discover opportunities to create a lasting impact for Park Scholarships.

Create an Endowment

There is no better legacy to Park Scholarships than a gift of an endowment.

Endowments provide certain, steady support in perpetuity, help offset continued reductions in government support, and enable us to plan for the future with greater predictability than otherwise possible.

Whether you choose to create your own named endowment within the Park Scholarships program or add to one of our existing scholarship endowments, your gift will provide critical, long-term support for generations of young scholars who will make our world a better place.

An endowment lasts forever because the principal of the gift remains invested while only the endowment’s annual income is used for the donor’s chosen purpose. As such, endowments will touch generations of Park Scholars. The minimum amount needed to create an endowment is $50,000, which can include matching funds from your employer and may be fulfilled over a five-year period.

Contact Stephanie Bunn, University Advancement Director of Development, for information on creating an endowment at 919-721-4020 or stephanie_bunn@ncsu.edu.

“As a grateful NC State alumna, I support the Park Scholarships program because it provides driven students the opportunity to experience NC State’s exceptional classrooms, attend enriching events, and engage with people from around the world.
— Nancy Ridenhour, Regional Selection Committee Leader

Co-name a Park Scholarship

Creating a co-named Park Scholarship, a $350,000 minimum endowment, will make a significant, enduring impact on the program.

An endowment at this level will provide sustained funding for half of the total cost of one Park Scholar; the Park Foundation provides the other half. Donors at this level may name their scholarship, which is awarded every four years to one Park Scholar.

These endowments can be funded over a period of as many as five years, through cash gifts or gifts of assets such as stocks or real estate. They can also be funded through a planned gift such as a will bequest.

Ten co-named Park Scholarships have been established by Park alumni, families, faculty, and volunteers. If you are interested in joining the growing list of co-named Park Scholarships donors, contact Stephanie Bunn at 919-721-4020 or stephanie_bunn@ncsu.edu.

“It’s important that public universities be world-class. Programs like Park Scholarships help attract and support top students while integrating them into the university as a whole.”
— Ben Darnell ’02, co-named Park Scholarship donor


Help us bring more exceptional students to NC State.

The size of Park classes is dependent on donor support. While we work to build our endowment and provide sustainable funding for future Park Scholars, you can make an immediate difference by increasing the size of the next class of Park Scholars. 

Through the selection process, we see each year that the number of highly qualified students is greater than the number of available Park Scholarships. To invest in more of these students who will, in turn, make a difference for many others, we need more funding. While historically Park classes included 50 to 60 students, the class size hovers around 40 scholars today.

With a gift of $116,000, you can bring one more Park Scholar to campus in the next academic year.

Contact Stephanie Bunn for information on increasing the size of the next class of Park Scholars at 919-721-4020 or stephanie_bunn@ncsu.edu.

“At NC State, I have built strong and profound relationships and have been encouraged and challenged to constantly be the best version of myself, personally, academically, and professionally. I truly have never felt more supported in all aspects of my life and, without your support, I never would have experienced all that I have.”
— Emma Grace Barnes ’24

Make a Planned Gift

A planned gift will impact Park Scholarships today and tomorrow.

Planning for future gifts through a will or trust can sustain yourself and your loved ones while creating a long-lasting gift to the Park Scholarships program. This option is also applicable to holders of 401(k), 403(b), IRA, and other qualified retirement funds.

Naming Park Scholarships as the beneficiary of a retirement account is a way to prevent leaving tax burdens for heirs. Here are some of the many ways you can include Park Scholarships in your long-term financial planning:

  • Bequest
    Include Park Scholarships in your will, and receive an estate tax deduction
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
    Provide fixed income for yourself or a loved one
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
    Create life income for you and your spouse
  • Charitable Lead Trust
    Pass property and other assets on to your family with substantial tax benefits
  • IRA Rollover
    Contribute to our work while lowering the income and taxes from your IRA withdrawals

Learn more through NC State’s Office of Gift Planning »

“As a Park Scholar, I have been given the ultimate environment to experience life-changing growth opportunities and an even greater community to back what I hope to accomplish with my life. I choose to donate as a student because it is not too early for me to share what I have received with someone else.”
— Nick Wirtz ’21

Give via Donor Advised Funds

Giving through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) allows you to create your own charitable giving fund, receive immediate tax benefits, and distribute grants from the fund.

When giving via a DAF, funds should be directed to NC State University Foundation, Inc. (EIN: 56-6049503). Include the name of the Park Scholarships fund you wish to support. Email parkscholars@ncsu.edu when the DAF gift is en route so that we can verify your gift has landed in your preferred fund at Park Scholarships.

If you’d like to set up a DAF, NC State can help. The NC State Donor Advised Giving Fund allows you to create your own charitable giving fund.

Your fund can support all of your charitable contributions, with a set portion dedicated to NC State. You can contribute cash, stock, or other assets to the fund at any time. When you add to your fund, your contributions are invested and have the potential to grow so you can give more to the charities you love. The funds dedicated to NC State can then be directed strategically over time to the initiatives you want to support. The rest of your fund is available to support NC State or other IRS-qualified 501(c)(3) charities at your discretion.

Call 919-515-5106 or contact giftplanning@ncsu.edu to learn more »

“I support Park Scholarships because the program gave me one of the greatest gifts I will ever receive-learning how to continually reach for the stars and use my intellectual curiosity and passion for service to make my own lasting impact on the world.”
— Lauren Williams ’16

Questions? Contact Us

For information about annual giving and making your gift, contact Mary Kornegay.

Danielle Romanello
Assistant Director, Engagement
Park Scholarships

To discuss co-naming a Park Scholarship or creating an endowment, contact Stephanie Bunn.

Stephanie Bunn

Stephanie Bunn
Director of Development
University Advancement