For Counselors & Advisors

In August, Park Scholarships emails counselor and advisor contacts at schools on its Endorsing Schools List with digital copies of materials. A packet of the hard-copy materials are later mailed to “College and Career Counseling or Guidance” at each school and arrives in mid-September. Counselors and/or advisors at these schools should endorse up to two candidates for the Park Scholarships by 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 15. Counselors and advisors at high schools not on the Endorsing Schools List should encourage highly qualified students to self-endorse.

To be considered for the Park Scholarships, candidates must submit all materials — including both the application for admission to NC State and the Park Scholarships application — by the dates listed to the right.

Who are the best candidates?

Successful candidates have demonstrated success or show potential on the selection criteria of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Candidates who have excellent academic records but do not excel in the areas of leadership, service, or character may not be the best candidates to endorse.

To be eligible for a Park Scholarship, candidates must be:

  • United States citizens, permanent residents of the United States, or graduating from a high school located in the United States (regardless of citizenship status)
  • applying for fall, first-year admission into a baccalaureate program at NC State

Who should I endorse?

Park Scholars are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character; consider that there are many experiences that demonstrate these pillars. Announce the Park Scholarships program to your students who demonstrate exceptional potential. Inform faculty and staff within your school that you are seeking to endorse two students for the Park Scholarships program and allow them the opportunity to recommend a student or assist in the evaluation process. If the same students are truly the best fits for two or more scholarship programs, endorse them for both/all of those programs rather than endorsing less qualified students. Encourage outstanding and highly qualified students who do not receive your school’s endorsement to self-endorse and apply by November 1.

We seek dynamic individuals who can contribute to society in a variety of ways — not just academically — so please do not endorse students who are ranked at the top of their class simply because of their ranking. We also discourage endorsing students based on their current top choice college or intended major. Students change their minds! For many students, it’s not until they participate in a scholarship program’s final selection activities that a college becomes one of their top choices. More tips for determining which students to endorse »

How do I endorse a student?

At many endorsing high schools, counselors and/or advisors work with a scholarship committee to select their school’s endorsees. We suggest asking students to provide a resume, a one-page essay with examples of how they meet the selection criteria, and the names of references they might use. Based on the scholarship committee’s decision, counselors and/or advisors then endorse students online using the Park Scholarships School Endorsement Form. Remember, school endorsements are due October 15 so that candidates have time to work on their required materials. Students who do not receive your school’s endorsement but are as competitive as the endorsed candidates are welcome to self-endorse and apply by November 1.