Park Under-Resourced Assistance

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Mission Statement

Park Under-Resourced Assistance (PURA) provides a direct outlet of support for under-resourced applicants to North Carolina State University and the Park Scholarships program. Current Park Scholars have created a community that seeks to aid applicants during the admissions process in order to develop their application. The program invites under-resourced students to interact with the community and grow alongside current Park Scholars. 


  • Prompts should be included with your essays so that editors can identify the questions you’re answering.
  • Essays should be presented in a font size of 10, 11, or 12 and style of Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri.
  • Individual essays should be submitted to only one editor in Google Classroom, but you may utilize different editors for different essays (do not send the same essay to multiple editors).
  • Utilize the biography slideshow of Park Scholars to choose an editor for your essays. Editors are subject to change based on availability.
  • After you have selected an editor, to submit your essays:
    • Upload essay prompts and responses as a single document onto your personal Google Drive; if sending multiple essays to an editor, these should be included in one document
    • Open the Google Classroom
    • Select the assignment window with the name of your chosen editor
    • Attach the essay file by selecting the “Add or create” button on the right-hand side, under “Your Work”
  • Editor comments and edits will be made within the essay document and/or the private comments section of the assignment window.


  • PURA is designed to work with exclusively under-resourced students. Under-resourced students are defined under a broad scope of identities, including, but not limited to, students who are first-generation, are low-income, attend an overpopulated school, are from rural areas, and who identify with other marginalized populations.
  • Only NC State University and Park Scholarships application essays will be accepted for edits.
  • This program is built to provide constructive feedback about how candidates share their stories and life experiences, not to assist in writing essays for applicants.
  • Students must abide by the deadlines for essay submission set by each editor to allow time for review and feedback before the Nov. 1 application deadline. First-draft essays are due no later than Oct. 29, 2021.
  • Participation in the PURA program does not guarantee applicants will advance through the Park Scholarships selection process or receive admission to the university.

Organizers: Nicholas Oyarzun ’24,, and Samantha Dotson ’24,
Park Scholarships Staff Contact: Nikkiya White, Assistant Director for Recruiting and Selection, Park Scholarships
Term: 2021-2022 application year 
Duration: Fall semester 2021
Park Scholarships Application and NC State Application Deadline: Nov. 1