Faculty Mentoring

NC State faculty are invaluable resources to Park Scholars. Academic learning begins in the classroom with instruction from expert, dedicated faculty. This learning extends outside the classroom where faculty mentor Park Scholars by encouraging them to engage in research and study abroad, develop grant proposals, attend professional conferences, and seek internships. Unlike course advisors, Park Faculty Mentors assume the following responsibilities:

  • Meet with students at least once every semester;
  • Discuss opportunities for research or creative projects in the students’ fields of interest;
  • Advise and possibly sponsor students applying for grants from Park Scholarships or other sources;
  • Alert students to professional opportunities, such as conferences or internships;
  • Annually review scholars’ Plans of Professional Development
  • Plan of Professional Development
    • The Plan of Professional Development (PPD) allows each scholar to explore available opportunities, organize them into a coherent and well-reasoned plan of action, and maintain maximum flexibility in achieving personal and professional goals. These plans are developed in consultation with a faculty mentor in the scholar’s field. The plans are particularly important in guiding their tremendous academic talents and in developing their outstanding potential to excel in coursework, undertake research and artistic projects, assume leadership positions, and engage in community service activities.
  • Encourage the students’ development of postgraduate plans, such as applying to top graduate programs and prestigious national fellowships, or seeking employment in industry-leading companies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, etc.

Other professors known as Park Faculty Scholars provide guidance to an entire class of Park Scholars. Their responsibilities include monitoring the students’ academic progress, meeting with them as a group or individually, and assisting them with the planning of academic enrichment activities, such as trips and retreats.