The Park Enrichment Academy

The Park Enrichment Academy is the comprehensive four-year curriculum designed to develop Park Scholars’ potential in leadership, service, scholarship and character. Scholars enroll in a Park Scholarships course every semester for which they receive Park Scholarships funding.

Park Enrichment Academy is made up of a variety of courses, assignments, retreats, trips, and more.

  • Courses address a variety of topics and explore theories and methods from a practical standpoint, helping Park Scholars gain a deeper understanding of their own leadership style and then benefit from that insight immediately. Examples of sessions include a seminar with the university’s chancellor, career and alumni panels, leadership interviews, budgeting workshops, community speakers, mental health sessions and more. Scholars also use this time to plan upcoming distinguished speaker events, Learning Labs and other collaborative projects.
    • Scholars develop their skills in a first-year seminar (PRK 101), and during their four years, they assume challenging roles in campus community organizations.
  • Scholars are required to select a faculty mentor. Mentors are selected by each student to provide professional guidance and advice, beginning early fall of the first year. Faculty mentors provide ‘big picture’ thinking about your desired profession and support for you to pursue a challenging educational experience.
  • Park Scholars participate in a variety of enrichment opportunities throughout their four years. Learn more about these Enrichment Experiences here.
  • Scholars are encouraged to apply for Park Enrichment Grants (PEG). This grant program encourages critical thinking and creative planning through activities that allow Scholars to expand their horizons into the real-world milieu of their future profession. Grant proposals are due November 1, February 1, April 1, and May 25. Refer to our news announcements for lists of recent Park Enrichment Grant recipients.
  • There are many ways that Park Scholars are involved in service, on campus and beyond. Learn more about the various service initiatives that Park Scholars are involved in here.
  • Each year, the Park Scholarship’s program sponsors two big events: the William C. Friday award, hosted by the Senior class and the Gerald H. Elkan Distinguished Lecture in Science and Society, hosted by the Sophomore class.