Rosemary Edberg ’20 Is Leading Sustainable Change

By Carla Davis | Sustainability News

Graduating students in the NC State Stewards program leave behind a legacy of sustainability impact.

Coordinated by the University Sustainability Office, the NC State Stewards work to foster a more sustainable campus, community and world by encouraging individuals to adopt more sustainable practices. 

Meet one of this year’s graduating seniors, Rosemary Edberg ’20.

Rosemary Edberg

Rosemary Edberg is a fifth-year student studying textile engineering in the accelerated bachelor’s/master’s program. She joined the NC State Stewards in the fall of 2016 and has worked in waste reduction and composting committees. She has organized composting education workshops, implemented composting pilot programs into various Living and Learning Villages, and led various waste reduction events. Outside of NC State Stewards, Rosemary has been involved in the Wilson College of Textiles Sustainability Committee, Greater Good Textile Group, the Krispy Kreme Challenge, and Phi Psi Professional Textiles Fraternity. 

Next steps: Rosemary will be joining Nike as a Textile Developer.

Congratulations to this graduate NC State Steward who has personified the Think and Do spirit during her time on campus. 

This is an excerpt from an article originally published by Sustainability News.

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