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A Thread of Inspiration

Park Scholarships Graduate Assistant Alexa DeFalco recently launched a business focused on sustainable clothing. Meredith Gaskill '24 recently caught up with Alexa to discuss how her NC State experience inspired this new venture.

Welcoming the 2021-2022 Social Innovation Fellows

As Social Innovation Fellows, Jenni Mangala '23 and Tatum Kellum '22 will work on a project to bring solar energy to community-oriented buildings in Ugandan villages.

Treasure from Trash

Emily Neville ’20 keeps old clothes out of the landfill by turning them into stylish, useful products for others.

Rosemary Edberg ’20 Is Leading Sustainable Change

Rosemary Edberg '20 is studying textile engineering in the accelerated bachelor’s/master’s program. As an NC State Steward, she has served on waste reduction and composting committees.

A Winning Solution to Reducing Food Waste

David Horne ’23 and Joshua Mason ’24 created an app that reduces food waste by connecting grocery stores with food-based charities. The project won the grand prize in the NC State Make-A-Thon sustainability innovation competition.

A Strawless Step Forward

Almost 500 million single-use plastic straws are used every day in America. Two Park Scholars set out on a mission to reduce that number.