Diversity and inclusion are critical to NC State’s mission and to the Park Scholarships program.

We seek a diverse cohort of scholars who respect and value varied experiences and perspectives. We define our core tenets of scholarship, leadership, service, and character broadly, and we encourage applications from candidates who have demonstrated achievement and potential in these criteria in a wide variety of ways. When diverse perspectives are present in the Park Scholarships program, the scholars individually and the program collectively are better equipped to carry out our mission.

To effectively contribute to our increasingly complex society, Park Scholars must have experience with and an understanding of diverse people. Through a series of intensive seminars and experiences across their four years at NC State, we help Park Scholars better understand themselves and others, and how institutions and systems affect individuals and communities. We prepare and expect all Park Scholars to create meaningful impact in ways that foster inclusion.

We affirm the following statements from NC State University regarding the central role of diversity and inclusion on our campus:

  • Diversity is critical to NC State’s mission. New perspectives deepen our understanding, strengthen our community and propel our innovation.
  • NC State values diversity. Without it, our students simply could not succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace — let alone become conscientious global citizens.
  • Everyone who comes to NC State enriches us through their varied knowledge and backgrounds. And we expect everyone to give of their talents, skills, time and effort to make NC State an environment of inclusive excellence for all.

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