An Inside Look at Reborn Clothing Co.: A Refurbished Clothing & Accessory Line by Emily Neville ’20

Emily Neville '20
Emily Neville ’20

Emily Neville ‘20 is revolutionizing the way we think about clothing and sustainability with her new fashion line, Reborn Clothing Co.

At Reborn Clothing Co., they understand that we as Americans have too much “stuff.” Under Neville’s guidance, a team of highly-skilled fashion designers will help you transform the garments that are a bit harder to let go of into something you will actually use, such as a laptop case or a tote.

Reborn Clothing Co. is combatting the effects of fast-fashion trends in a way that is creative, sustainable, and established entirely by NC State students.

A Park Scholar of many talents, Neville is a political science major with a passion for sustainability and entrepreneurship. In her path to establishing Reborn Clothing Co., she created her business while simultaneously completing a summer internship with Rep. Richard Hudson in Washington, D.C. Her vision for fashion, much like politics, has an emphasis on social change and a movement that builds momentum over time.

“Our vision is that these small efforts will add up to a larger impact on the fashion industry,” she says.

Emily Neville '20