Class of 2014 Creates New Endowment to Support Park Enrichment Grant Program

Whether known as GRASPs (Grants for Research, Artistic & Service Projects) or, in more recent years, as PEGs (Park Enrichment Grants), enrichment grant funding has aided hundreds of Park Scholars in pursuing professional and personal experiences that fostered their development in scholarship, service, leadership, and character. These funds, established in 1998, have provided support for scholars to launch new leadership and service initiatives at NC State and in the larger community, participate in internships and conferences, and study in locations throughout the world, among other endeavors. (See how Park Scholars used PEG funding last year alone.)

Each year in their program completion surveys, recent graduates identify PEGs as one of the most beneficial components of the Park Scholarships. One member of the Park Class of 2013 remarked, “PEG funding enabled me to have two international opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise. These experiences changed my life.”

Another noted that the PEG application process affords students excellent preparation for future grant writing.

Park Scholarships program director Eva Feucht and Legacy Committee co-chair William Coe sign the Park Scholarships Class of 2014 Endowment into existence.
Park Scholarships program director Eva Feucht and Legacy Committee co-chair William Coe sign the Park Scholarships Class of 2014 Endowment into existence.

With this in mind, the Park Class of 2014 elected last February to make enrichment grant funding the focus of their legacy. Their proposal, developed by the Class of 2014 Legacy Committee, states:

In honor of the foundation and program that has given so much to us, the Class of 2014 would like to create a financial endowment in the hopes of providing continual and sustainable support for the Park Enrichment Grant (PEG) program. Our class believes that these PEGs are a vital aspect of the Park program and would like to ensure that they remain abundantly available for future scholars in years to come. 

To date, PEGs have been funded exclusively through one-time donations and an allowance within the scholarship program’s annual budget; thus, this endowment is the first of its kind. The Park Class of 2014 hopes to raise a minimum of $46,000 by their graduation in May. This will ensure that the interest generated from this endowment will fund at least one PEG award annually.

The selection criteria, distribution, and logistics of the Class of 2014 Park Enrichment Grant Award will be left to the PEG Committee, which is composed of faculty members and a representative from the Park Alumni Society. Award recipients will be expected to write a brief letter to the Class of 2014 documenting how they used this PEG funding and what they gained from the experience.

In the summer of 2011 William Coe, co-chair of the Class of 2014 Legacy Committee, and a few fellow Park Scholars coordinated a PEG-funded service trip to Belize. Park Scholars have twice returned to Belize since then to continue the service efforts and relationship building their peers started. Coe elaborates on the Belize initiative and the Class of 2014 Park Enrichment Grant Award in this video.

Those interested in contributing to the Park Scholarships Class of 2014 Endowment fund may make donations online.

posted 2013.10.30