Board Approves Constitution, Class Liaisons

The Park Alumni Society board adopts a constitution and lays the groundwork for class representation.

On July 20, the board held its third meeting in the Alumni Association Building. The meeting began with the passage of the Society’s constitution 8-0, with all attending members voting in the affirmative. The new document outlines the Society’s mission and sets forth the policies for membership, the board structure and future elections.

Membership in the PAS will be open to all Program graduates and current Park Scholars in good standing. There are no dues and membership is determined through self-registration; An alumni must register him/herself through the Park Alumni Web site to become a member.

The constitution also states that the board will serve two-year terms. This rule takes effect after the next election cycle, as the current board was elected for one year.

Full Version of the Constitution

In addition to the constitution, the board also approved guidelines for establishing Class Liaisons. Class Liaisons will serve as a link between the Alumni Board and the larger Park alumni community. Working directly with the Vice President, the Liaisons will help disseminate information and serve as a contact point for members within their class.

Class Liaison Duties and Selection

The board is currently looking for people who are interested in serving as class liaisons. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact us.

The Constitution committee was chaired by Terrell Russell (2000). The Class Liaison committee was chaired by Kim Bloomfield (2002). Full minutes from the meeting can be found in the forum.

~posted 2005.07.20