New Alumni Board Announced

Park alumni have elected a new PAS board. The Park Alumni Society is pleased to announce a board for the 2006-2008 term. Two online elections were held to select the officers and voting board. The PAS board officers are: Terrell Russell (2000), president; Kim Bloomfield (2002), vice president; Wortham Boyle (2003), treasurer; and Kelly Marks (2000), secretary. Officers were selected using a ranked vote. The remaining 5 voting board positions were selected from a pool of 11 nominees. In a
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Board Approves Constitution, Class Liaisons

The Park Alumni Society board adopts a constitution and lays the groundwork for class representation. On July 20, the board held its third meeting in the Alumni Association Building. The meeting began with the passage of the Society’s constitution 8-0, with all attending members voting in the affirmative. The new document outlines the Society’s mission and sets forth the policies for membership, the board structure and future elections. Membership in the PAS will be open to all Program graduates and
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Park Alumni Society Announces Board

The PAS held its first open elections to determine this year’s officers and voting board. The Park Alumni Society has selected a board for the 2005-2006 term. Two elections were held online to determine this year’s officers and voting board. The elections kicked off with an open meeting during this year’s Park Scholarships finalist weekend (see minutes). On Saturday, Feb. 19, several Park alumni met at the University Club in Raleigh, NC. There was a presentation about the election procedures
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