Park Scholarships Announces Class of 2019

The Park Scholarships program at North Carolina State University has named thirty-nine students to its Class of 2019.

Park Scholarships Announces Class of 2018

Forty-one high school seniors have been named to the NC State University Park Scholarships Class of 2018.

Park Scholarships Welcomes Fifteenth Class of Park Scholars

This fall, the fifteenth class of Park Scholars arrived on campus at NC State University. The class was selected from over 1,300 individuals who submitted their applications by last year’s November 1 deadline. Over 200 Park Scholarships and NC State alumni, faculty, and friends of the program participated in the selection process. The class includes the creator of a youth anti-drug program, a recipient of the President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award, the founder of a program that provides school supplies
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North Carolina State University Selects Fifteenth Class of Park Scholars

North Carolina State University has named 53 Park Scholars for the Class of 2014. These exceptional young women and men were selected based on their potential in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The Park Scholarship is valued at $80,000 for residents of North Carolina and $135,000 for students from other states. NC State received a record number of applications for Park Scholarships this year; recipients were selected from over 1,300 candidates. The recipients, who represent 24 North
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Park Scholarships Announces Class of 2014 Semifinalists

The Park Scholarships program at North Carolina State University has named 232 Semifinalists for the Park Scholars Class of 2014. This year, over 1,300 high school seniors from across the country applied for this prestigious scholarship. The Park Scholarships Selection Committee, comprised of Park Scholar and NC State alumni, reviewed applications and selected candidates based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service and character. In January, the Selection Committee will interview the Semifinalists in cities around North Carolina and the United
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North Carolina State University Announces Park Scholars for Fall 2009

North Carolina State University has selected the Park Scholars for fall 2009 from a pool of more than 1,200 highly qualified appicants. Click here to view the full story and biographies of the recipients. ~posted 2009.03.26

Board Approves Constitution, Class Liaisons

The Park Alumni Society board adopts a constitution and lays the groundwork for class representation. On July 20, the board held its third meeting in the Alumni Association Building. The meeting began with the passage of the Society’s constitution 8-0, with all attending members voting in the affirmative. The new document outlines the Society’s mission and sets forth the policies for membership, the board structure and future elections. Membership in the PAS will be open to all Program graduates and
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Park Scholarships Class of 2009 Announced

NC State and the Park Scholarships have named 46 students as Park Scholars for fall 2005. When the tenth class of Park Scholars arrives at NC State in the fall, there will be 12 class valedictorians and three students with perfect SAT scores among them. There’s also a co-author of a cancer research paper published in the Journal of Neuroscience; both Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts’ Gold Award winners; a state champion cross country runner; and a member of the
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