Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a comprehensive, four-year program designed to develop Park Scholars’ leadership potential. Topics addressed are relevant to leadership across a variety of fields and organizations, including both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Leadership Academy comprises the following modules:


  • Counseling for Support and Success
  • Self-Awareness
  • Email Extinguisher
  • Diversity: Identities, Privilege, Emerging Topics (5 sessions)


  • Implicit Bias
  • Team Development
  • Task Mastery
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking
  • Building Your Fan Base


  • Concepts and Models
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Leadership Interview (Park Scholars interview leaders in their fields of study to build connections between theory and practice)
  • Motivating Others


  • Ethics and Values
  • Collaboration within Conflict
  • Taking Risks and Failing Well
  • Leadership and Diversity

Leadership Academy Presenters for 2019-2020

  • Angel Bowers, Associate Director of Outreach, Counseling Center, NC State
  • Tremaine Brittian, Director of Advising, College of Education, NC State
  • Roger Callanan, Assistant Vice Provost Emeritus, Division of Academic and Student Affairs, NC State
  • Stephanie Davis, Senior Consultant, Human Resources, NC State
  • Karey Harwood, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, NC State
  • Makeba Jackson, Consultant, Human Resources, NC State
  • Jones Loflin, Author, Coach, and Public Speaker
  • Stan Martin, Senior Director of Outreach, Communications & Consulting, Office of Information Technology, NC State
  • Kristin Murphy, Vice President, Market Strategy and Research, Ellucian
  • Bill Swallow, Professor Emeritus, Statistics, NC State
  • Marcey Rader, Founder, Marcey Rader Coaching, LLC