Minimizing “Dirty Smoke”: Richard Ezike ‘05 Shifts Gears from Engineering to Policy

Richard “Memie” Ezike ‘05 can trace his interests in environmentalism and the public good back to a specific moment in his childhood. One day when he was 7 years old, he watched as a tractor trailer rumbled through the apartment complex where he lived in Johnson City, Tenn., spewing black smoke from its exhaust tailpipe. Contemplating the negative effects this “dirty smoke” had on the air he and his neighbors were breathing, Ezike knew he wanted to do something to
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Donny Katz ’07 Increases Transportation Efficiency at Home and Abroad

posted 2012.11.21 Donny Katz ‘07 is a man on the move, but it’s more for our benefit than his own. Katz has a passion for getting people where they need to be safely and efficiently. He recently completed his Ph.D. in civil engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and his previous role as a research assistant had him analyzing the effects of airline depeaking at hub airports. “Depeaking is the removing of flight banks from an airline schedule to save
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