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A Perfect Circle

Loujain Al Samara ’22 pursued a broad range of experiences during her four years at NC State, and she graduates this May with a new understanding of what she has learned, how she has grown and what comes next — thanks to private support.

Twin Sisters Nurture Friendship, Individuality

Salam Ibrahim '21 and her twin sister, Iman, forged their own paths at NC State, discovering new passions while strengthening their bond.

April 2021 Park Enrichment Grants Awarded

The Park Enrichment Grant Committee made awards to Park Scholars who submitted proposals by the April 1, 2021 deadline.

Meet Park Faculty Scholar Clifford Griffin

Clifford Griffin, an associate professor of political science in NC State’s School of Public and International Affairs, has served as a Park Faculty Scholar for three classes, including the Class of 2021, and previously chaired the Park Scholarships Advisory Committee.