A Time to Reflect and Connect

Excitement and anxiety are at the forefront of the emotional spectrum as students enter their freshman and senior years of college. Park retreats at the start of each of these years afford scholars the perspective to reflect on where they’ve been and make preparations for the next steps. Location plays a key role: the natural beauty of each retreat’s setting creates a space for contemplation and relationship-building without the distractions of everyday campus life. The Class of 2022’s Freshman Retreat
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Lauren Frey ‘17 Tackles Gender Equality Issues Locally and Globally

As a high school student, Lauren Frey ‘17 observed that people commonly assumed unidentified individuals or characters to be men. “I realized this happened sometimes due to the lack of language available to describe something in gender-neutral terms,” said Frey. “In other words, the binary system of pronouns made it difficult for people to truly be neutral.

Into the Woods: Retreats Foster Clarity and Connection

Retreats are integral components of the Park Scholarships experience. The Freshman Retreat serves to welcome new scholars into the community by affording them opportunities to get to know one another, the program itself, Park Faculty Scholars and staff, and the upperclassmen who facilitate small group discussion throughout the three-day period.

Class of 2013 Prepares for Future at Rocky Mountain National Park

posted 2012.09.21 The Class of 2013 traveled to Rocky Mountain National Park this fall for their senior retreat. The seniors participated in thought-provoking activities that addressed the transition from their roles as Park Scholars to alumni. Discussions incorporated topics such as making contributions to their communities and maintaining connections with the program and NC State. “The trip truly reunited us as a class,” says senior retreat committee co-chair John Miller ‘13. “I loved being able to renew my friendships and discuss future
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Senior Park Scholars Retreat to Grand Canyon National Park

During their senior year, the Class of 2010 had the opportunity to experience one of the natural wonders of the United States which encompasses over a million acres of stunning terrain. The class carried on the Park tradition of selecting one of America’s national parks as the setting for their senior retreat and spent three days in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon National Park provided an ideal setting for Scholars to enjoy one of the country’s treasures and reflect
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