Senior Park Scholars Retreat to Grand Canyon National Park

During their senior year, the Class of 2010 had the opportunity to experience one of the natural wonders of the United States which encompasses over a million acres of stunning terrain. The class carried on the Park tradition of selecting one of America’s national parks as the setting for their senior retreat and spent three days in the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon National Park provided an ideal setting for Scholars to enjoy one of the country’s treasures and reflect on the past, present and future. In terms of the past, students recalled the previous three years and discussed how the Park Scholarships program has helped facilitate their personal, intellectual and professional development. Each Scholar then explored the individual he or she has become and the role he or she plays in the Park Scholars Class of 2010. In the glow of a campfire at scenic Shoshone Point, Scholars discussed their future plans, both to use the skills they have developed to improve the world in which they live, as well as their professional aspirations. In their leisure time, the group took part in a Colorado River Tour through the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and explored the Grand Canyon on trips led by park rangers.

The retreat was coordinated by representatives of the Class of 2010 along with Park Faculty Scholars Dr. Amy Grunden and Dr. Stephen Margolis.

~posted 2009.10.02