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Meet Park Faculty Scholar Clifford Griffin

Clifford Griffin, an associate professor of political science in NC State’s School of Public and International Affairs, has served as a Park Faculty Scholar for three classes, including the Class of 2021, and previously chaired the Park Scholarships Advisory Committee.

Faculty Spotlight: Kanton Reynolds

Park Faculty Scholar Kanton Reynolds discusses his course Technologists of Color/STEM Applications & Innovations in Emerging Societies.

NC State-Produced Documentary Wins Emmy Award

Park Faculty Scholar Walt Wolfram won an an Emmy award for “Talking Black in America," a feature-length film that highlights the rich history of African-American English.

Teaching Assistant Professor Cyndi Edgington Named Park Faculty Scholar

Cyndi Edgington, a teaching assistant professor of STEM education at the NC State College of Education, believes that building positive relationships with students is one of the most important aspects of her job. She will take that belief one step further through her new role as a Park Faculty Scholar for the Class of 2023.

A Conversation with Dr. Billy Flowers

Park Faculty Scholar for the Class of 2021 If you aren’t an animal science student, you’re not likely to make your way to this southern...