Park Alum Pedals in Pursuit of Passions

Tommy Vitolo (2000) volunteers with Buscyle, where public art becomes public transportation. By day, Tommy Vitolo (2000) spends his time working on scalable optimal and suboptimal methods to solve real time point-to-point ad hoc network problems. What does that mean? Math, and lots of it. Specifically, operations research, the focus of his Ph.D. track at Boston University. So what does Tommy do for fun? For the past few months, he’s been welding, grinding, drilling, and most importantly, pedaling. The last
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Alumna Gives Breast Cancer Talk

Jenny Chang (2000) shared her story with the NC State campus as part of a Breast Cancer Awareness Month event. On October 19, Jenny addressed about 60 people in room 107 of Harrelson Hall. The former student body president’s message was simple: breast cancer can strike all ages. Jenny was 24 when she first noticed a small bump on her breast. She wasn’t worried—”Women this young don’t get cancer,” she thought—until a mammography revealed the unlikely diagnosis. Two years later,
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