Alumna Gives Breast Cancer Talk

Alumna Gives Breast Cancer Talk

Jenny Chang (2000) shared her story with the NC State campus as part of a Breast Cancer Awareness Month event.

On October 19, Jenny addressed about 60 people in room 107 of Harrelson Hall. The former student body president’s message was simple: breast cancer can strike all ages.

Jenny was 24 when she first noticed a small bump on her breast. She wasn’t worried—”Women this young don’t get cancer,” she thought—until a mammography revealed the unlikely diagnosis. Two years later, Jenny has had a double mastectomy and gone into remission twice, only to find the cancer has now spread into her lungs. She is currently battling stage-four cancer.

”You have to (keep trying). In my case, hope springs eternal,” says Jenny. ”I am a person of faith and I believe you can be cured.”

Jenny shared her story with NC State students in hopes that other young women will get exams before it’s too late.

Also featured was Breast Cancer Fellow Carey Anders from Duke University. She presented information on cancer risks, especially for younger women. Breast cancer ribbons, pamphlets and self-exam cards were available to all attendees.

The event was organized by Park Scholars from the class of 2005: Jodee Ruppel (co-chair), Tracy Salisbury (co-chair), Gio Seawood and Tracina Williams. It was sponsored by Health Promotions, the Park Scholarships and the University Scholars program.

Jodee felt Jenny’s story is an important one to share. ”I feel it should be told for many reasons—to let young women know they can get breast cancer, to help Jenny with her fight and advocacy, and to hear Jenny give advice on how to treat/act around someone with cancer.”

Tracy added, ”Regardless of one’s gender, everyone can learn from this event.”

Local channel NBC-17 covered the talk. For more information, visit their coverage at

~posted 2004.10.19