Park Enrichment Grants Awarded in May 2023

The Park Enrichment Grant Committee made the following awards to Park Scholars who submitted proposals by the May 2023 deadline:

Emma Grace Barnes ‘24
Entrepreneurship in Australia

Anika Bhadriraju ‘25
GHC ’23 Attendance

Isaac Carreno ‘26
Cultural Immersion Experience in Spain

Kennedy Fipps ‘24
Birth Behind Bars: A Birth Doula Empowering the Incarcerated

Cynthia Hardwick ‘25
STEM and Liberal Studies in London

Cynthia Hardwick ‘25
Grace Hopper Celebration 2023

Shreya Holikatti ’25
Grace Hopper Celebration

Jeanine Ikekhua ‘24
Using Media To Make An Impact in a Local Community

Ferdinand Kelley ‘25
US Historical Tour Along the East Coast

Rhylee Pope ‘25
Online Prep Course

Darlene Salvador ‘25
CNA Training Program

Sophia Scherer ‘26
Cultural, Linguistic, and Technological Comparison of Various European Countries

Madeline Scott ‘25
Certified Phlebotomy Technician Education and License

Beijul Shah ‘24
Kohls Corporate Finance Summer Internship

Brandon Wilson ‘25
OSHA Certification

Brandon Wilson ‘25
Python for Data Science Program

Bryan Wilson ‘24
Funding for Research Conference Presentation