May 2022 Park Enrichment Grants Awarded

The Park Enrichment Grant Committee made the following awards to Park Scholars who submitted proposals by the May 25 deadline:


Rose Amburose ‘25
Learning Culture Through Food: Exploring The Diverse Cuisines of India, China, and Korea Via Cooking, Cultural Research, and Photography

Kennedy Fipps ‘24
Italian Cooking Class in Florence, Italy


Pratik Bairoliya ‘25
Research Super Computer Grant

Emi Boldor ‘25
Infrastructure of Qatar: Impact of the World Cup

Megan Cislo ‘23
Using miR-30a-3p as an LSC-Exosome Supplement to Promote Tissue Regeneration in Rodent Models of Pulmonary Fibrosis

Sam Dotson ‘24
Cultural Immersion Trip to Dominican Republic

Meredith Gaskill ‘24
Accessing and Learning Adobe Photoshop for Career Goals

Elliott Gyll ‘24
Research in South Pacific: Tahitian Language and Marquesas Island Linguistics

Jeanine Ikekhua ‘24
WUNC Summer Intership

Bill Lamm ‘24
Diverse Historical, Natural, and Cultural Education in Scotland

Bill Lamm ‘24
Global Mass Transit Studies in Industrial and Civil Engineering Infrastructure and Queuing Design

Sonia Pereira ‘25
Cultural Exploration Trip to Scotland: An Examination of the Scottish Creative Class at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Darlene Salvador ‘25
Cultural and Language Immersion in Spain

*Madeline Scott ‘25
Toxicology and Endocrine System Summer Research Project

Paige Seibert ‘24
Cultural Immersion Trip to Dominican Republic

Madeline Smith ‘25
Cultural and Language Immersion in Spain

Bryan Wilson ‘24
Artificial Intelligence based Defense for Cyberattacks


Katherine Cherry ‘24
Phosphate Coating of Pyrite Surfaces

Camilla Keil ‘23
Publications Internship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Beijul Shah ‘24
Tekion Product Management Internship


Elliott Gyll ‘24
Volunteer in Children’s Nonprofit in Ha Giang, Vietnam & Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Freddy Kelley ‘25
Equipment for Musical Service

Rylee Wienhold ‘25
Saint Bernard Project Puerto Rico

Study Abroad

Hannah Braun ‘23
Summer Semester in Valencia, Spain

Sahib Chandi ‘24
Summer Semester in Valencia, Spain

Megan Cislo ‘23
Summer Semester in Sibenik, Croatia

Camilla Keil ‘23
Fall Semester in Paris, France

Aisha Mahmood ‘24
Summer Semester in Amman, Jordan

Madison Mueller ‘23
Fall Semester in Cork, Ireland

Nick Oyarzun ‘24
Fall Semester in Melbourne, Australia

Park Enrichment Grants provide support for Park Scholars engaged in professional and personal enrichment experiences in the United States and abroad. These awards, initiated in 1998, are designed to foster the development of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, as well as connect scholars with faculty.

These grants are awarded by the Park Enrichment Grant Committee, composed of faculty members from across the NC State University campus and a representative from the Park Alumni Society. Awards are funded by the Park Foundation and donor gifts made to the Park Scholarships Enrichment Fund, Park Scholarships General Fund, and Park Alumni Society Study Abroad Travel Stipend Fund.

The next grant application deadline is Nov. 1, 2022.

*denotes PEGs granted outside of the proposal cycle.