Class of 2025 Learning Lab I Preparation – Foster Care System

Class of 2025 Learning Lab I Focus

During Learning Lab I, the Class of 2025 will explore leadership in relation to the foster care system in North Carolina. In a given year, there are approximately 437,000 youth in the United States foster care system, including over 17,000 children in North Carolina. There has been a more than 25% increase in the number of children in the foster care system in North Carolina over the past five years.

Through this experience, Park Scholars will evaluate how socioeconomic status, personal background, systemic racism, and policy cause issues within the foster care system and reflect on the effects of these issues. They will assess how interdisciplinary leadership roles function together in order to create a system equipped to address complex foster care issues and learn how leaders identify short- and long-term practical solutions that reflect an understanding of the needs of the foster children and families they are serving.

Preparation Materials

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