TEDx returns to NC State

By Caryl J. Espinoza Jaen | The Technician

On Friday, Feb. 21, TEDxNCState made its return to campus after a six-year hiatus. Hosted at Thompson Hall, TEDxNCState is an independent event organized by NC State alumni, with the goal of voicing a diverse array of ideas and perspectives.

Natalie Kraft ’22, a second-year studying computer science and political science, and Trenton Wallis ’22, a second-year studying electrical engineering, said they initiated the revival of TEDxNCState with the help of Francis de los Reyes III, a professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering.

“TEDxNCState was an initiative that started here from 2010 until 2014, but then the initiative fell through the cracks and was absent a little bit from NC State’s campus,” Kraft said. “Last year we wanted to do a revival series, so we received a license from TED, and we were able to start a club with the sole purpose of spreading these local ideas to a local platform, which is, of course, the primary mission of TED. From there we were able to curate those ideas on campus and work our way up.”

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