Stephanie Wenclawski ’16 Dives into Experiential Learning

From the Sarteneja Peninsula in Belize to the coastal city of Perth, Australia, Stephanie Wenclawski ‘16 has demonstrated her commitment to the study of marine sciences. Her international volunteer work with oceanic wildlife coupled with outreach efforts as both a Park Scholarships and University Ambassador have already primed Wenclawski to be a leader in her field.

Park Faculty Mentors Named University Faculty Scholars

posted 2012.11.28 NC State University recently launched the University Faculty Scholars program and named the first group of faculty with this honor. Over the next five years, each of these 24 faculty members will receive $50,000 to be used toward academic initiatives. The program is funded by over $5 million in charitable gifts from Jim and Ann Goodnight, and the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust. The University Faculty Scholars program is part of Chancellor Randy Woodson’s initiative to invest in outstanding faculty
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Tea Party Research by John Coggin ’09 and Fellow Harvard Scholars Adds to National Debate on Government Spending as Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms

posted 2011.07.11 Despite the fact that his grandfather cautioned him against mixing religion and politics, John Coggin ‘09 recently graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Theological Studies in Religion, Ethics, and Politics.   “I am convinced that, while church and state should remain separate, religion and politics have always gone together and they always will,” says Coggin, a Sanford, North Carolina native who received degrees in communication media and interdisciplinary studies while at NC State. “They both give us ways
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Eva Holcomb ’02 Elected President of Undergraduate Scholars Program Administrators Association

posted 2011.06.14 Eva Holcomb ‘02 was elected president of the Undergraduate Scholars Program Administrators Association (USPAA) at the group’s recent fifth annual meeting. Holcomb will serve a two-year term as president.   Park Scholarships Director and Undergraduate Scholars Program Administrators Association President Eva Holcomb ‘02. USPAA develops best practices for the fast-growing number of undergraduate scholars programs at colleges and universities across the nation. The organization began in 2006 as an informal collaboration between colleagues to serve and support higher education
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Park Scholarships Welcomes Fifteenth Class of Park Scholars

This fall, the fifteenth class of Park Scholars arrived on campus at NC State University. The class was selected from over 1,300 individuals who submitted their applications by last year’s November 1 deadline. Over 200 Park Scholarships and NC State alumni, faculty, and friends of the program participated in the selection process. The class includes the creator of a youth anti-drug program, a recipient of the President’s Gold Volunteer Service Award, the founder of a program that provides school supplies
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