Park Scholar Media Mentions

The following Park community members and initiatives have received media attention in recent weeks:

Ryan Thompson ‘06 Combines Work, Play, and Environmental Sustainability at Patagonia

As a high school student looking ahead to college, Ryan Thompson ‘06 planned to major in either mechanical or biomedical engineering. Upon touring the NC State campus, however, he happened upon the College of Textiles. There he learned about opportunities for integrating engineering applications with his passion for getting out into nature.

Ryan King ’15 and Taufik Raharjo ’16 Represent NC State at Student World Forum 2015

In April, Park Scholars Ryan King ’15 and Taufik Raharjo ’16 represented NC State at the Academic Consortium (AC21) Student World Forum 2015 in Strasbourg, France and Freiburg, Germany. AC21 is an international network of 19 educational, research, and industrial organizations around the world that aims to promote cooperation in education and research between members. NC State is one of only two member institutions from North and South America.

Ryan Nilsen ’09 and Bryan Lopez ’13 Provide Leadership for Border Issues Trip

posted 2011.04.18 During spring break, Ryan Nilsen ‘09 and Bryan Lopez ‘13 worked with former Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Student Health Services Jerry Barker to lead a University Scholars Program experience to Arizona and Mexico where students learned about border and immigration issues. Through a combination of backpacking in Saguaro National Park and conversations with people whose lives and work are shaped by the realities of our current immigration system, the group gained a deeper understanding of the
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Ryan Neely ’09 Involved in Climate Change Research in Greenland

After graduating from NC State with a degree in physics, Ryan Neely ‘09 headed west to pursue his next degree. As the Earth System Research Laboratory – Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (ESRL/CIRES) graduate fellow at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Neely is pursuing his Ph.D. in atmospheric and oceanic science. CIRES is a joint institute of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the university. Neely’s research incorporates Light Detection and Ranging (lidar) observations of
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