The Krispy Kreme Challenge: Paving the Way for Entrepreneurship

Greg Mulholland’s name has a permanent spot in Park Scholarships lore, in great part due to his role in co-founding the Krispy Kreme Challenge. When asked how the experience of starting a running-and-donut-eating charity race helped prepare him for launching his own business, he offered the following insights.

Park Scholar Connections Propel Silicon Valley-Based Startup

Park Scholars point to their peers – similarly ambitious and hard working individuals – among the most influential aspects of the Park experience. Synergies between scholars are at the core of campus-based initiatives like Service Raleigh, Triangle Youth Leadership Services, and the Krispy Kreme Challenge, but they also extend well beyond graduation. While Greg Mulholland ’07 and Jordan O’Mara ‘07 initially followed disparate paths after NC State, now they’re drawing upon one another’s strengths to build a potentially revolutionary startup
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Making Waves at Kyma Technologies

Greg Mulholland ’07 is making an impact at Kyma Technologies, a local technology startup. Greg Mulholland ’07 had just returned to the Triangle in 2008 after spending a year at Cambridge University earning his M.Phil in Materials Science, and he wanted to find a job that would let him stay local and still keep his skills sharp in case graduate school beckoned in the future. Enter Kyma Technologies, a materials company specializing in gallium nitride semiconductors that was spun out
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