Tea Party Research by John Coggin ’09 and Fellow Harvard Scholars Adds to National Debate on Government Spending as Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms

posted 2011.07.11 Despite the fact that his grandfather cautioned him against mixing religion and politics, John Coggin ‘09 recently graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Theological Studies in Religion, Ethics, and Politics.   “I am convinced that, while church and state should remain separate, religion and politics have always gone together and they always will,” says Coggin, a Sanford, North Carolina native who received degrees in communication media and interdisciplinary studies while at NC State. “They both give us ways
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Katie Starr ’11 Gains Insight Into French Local Government System

Katie Starr ‘11 spent her summer learning about local government as an intern in the office of the mayor of Change, France. The mayor’s office was located in the town hall, an institution that functions as the most decentralized form of government for French citizens. “The differences between the French local government and American local government became apparent to me very quickly,” Starr says of her experience. “This internship provided me with a unique look into the French government system,
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