Park Scholars Design Service-Learning Experience in Belize

posted 2011.10.14 This past summer, William Coe ‘14, Tyler Confrey-Maloney ‘13, Vincent Feucht ‘11, Jeb Fox ‘14, Luke Perkins ‘14, and Garik Sadovy ‘12 traveled to Belize for a two week experiential learning trip focusing on education, the economy, and the environment. The team consisted of an eclectic group of individuals, among them a pre-med philosopher, an English major, and future engineers representing areas including biological and agricultural, chemical, civil, and materials science engineering. The students developed the Central American
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Courtney Fox ’10 Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Courtney Fox ‘10 was named a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship is Fox’s second national award, as she received the Morris K. Udall Scholarship in 2009. During her undergraduate career, Fox conducted research on fuel cells at NC State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, biosensors at Imperial College London, and nanoparticle manufacturing at Liquidia Technologies in Research Triangle Park. She also held an internship in nuclear fuel manufacturing with
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Park Scholars Nominated for Truman and Goldwater Scholarships

Jezzette Rivera ’10 and Courtney Fox ’10 nominated for Truman and Goldwater. Jezzette Rivera ’10 has been nominated by NC State for the Truman Scholarship. Jezzette is a leader on NC State’s campus, serving in a variety of significant positions at NC State. She is engaged in advocacy, governance, and politics – three different, but complementary, modes of civic engagement. At the same time, she has accomplished a record of outstanding academic achievement. Jezzette has been a resident assistant in
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