Tomás Carbonell ’02 Champions Clean Air and Environmental Defense

Tomás Carbonell ’02 plays an important role in the well-being of our environment. While many people are satisfied with turning off the lights upon leaving a room, or taking the time to separate recyclables into the proper bins, Carbonell’s position with the Washington, D.C. office of the Environmental Defense Fund puts him on the front lines of clean air legislation.

ShoeManity Provides Footwear to Residents of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Caldwell Fellow Kevin Miller (‘13) and Park Scholars Brian Gaudio (‘13), Alex Lombardi (‘13), and Claire Lucas (‘13) joined NC State students Drew Brisley (‘12) and Caitlin McCombs (‘13), along with members of the Raleigh community in collecting more than 2,000 pairs of shoes in conjunction with Soles4Souls, a nonprofit organization that coordinates shoe distribution to those in need around the world… Read the full version of the story ~posted 2010.08.26