sPark: A Park Scholarships Symposium

Biennial Leadership and Networking Symposium

sPark is an opportunity for the Park Scholarships community to think big, discuss relevant issues, and celebrate 25 years of Park Scholars’ accomplishments. sPark Week 2021 was held virtually April 19-22.

sPark will return in 2023

What You Gain

  • An expanded network of Park Scholars, fellow leaders, and changemakers
  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • Novel ways of thinking about the key issues of our time

Who Should Attend

All members of the Park Scholarships community are welcome to attend. We are excited to see Park Scholars, alumni, parents, faculty, family, and friends come together at sPark to connect, discover new ideas, and celebrate Park Scholars’ accomplishments.

sPark Week 2021 Planning Committee

  • Anna-Claire Bousquet ’18
  • Matt Burke
  • Lauren Caddick ’14
  • Khari Cyrus ’16
  • Mallory Deeter ’17, Chair-elect
  • Dana Dubis
  • Eva Feucht ’02
  • Bob Grossfeld
  • Chasta Hamilton ’07, Chair
  • Natalie Kraft ’22
  • Alex Loflin ’17
  • Carmine Prioli
  • Lori Ritter
  • Sam Slater ’07