Welcome to Brittany Kachalia, Embedded Counselor

We are thrilled to welcome Brittany Kachalia to the Park team! Brittany will be working with the Park Scholarships, Goodnight Scholars Program and Caldwell Fellows Program.

What most excites you about being back at NC State and specifically, the Park Scholarships, Goodnight Scholars Program and Caldwell Fellows Program?
I love NC State! There is a sense of pride and collaboration across the campus community to help our students succeed. I’m very grateful to be in a role where I can directly help our students find compassion for themselves and others, incorporate balance within a rigorous scholarship program, and learn more effective ways of handling stressors. I’m also excited to work with each scholar’s program, learn their unique needs, and offer tailored services to address those needs. 

Can you explain your role and how Park Scholars can connect with you?
As an embedded counselor I offer many of the same services provided at the Counseling Center, however students will find connecting with me much more convenient: I can offer appointments that may better fit a student’s schedule, I’m more familiar with the culture and demands of their programs, and I can tailor services to fit the needs of the program. I can help with whatever support a student may need including individual counseling, skills-based groups, and drop-in support.

Drop-in sessions are not therapy, though they can be a first step towards discovering and setting up counseling services. You can register here for a time that is convenient for you!

Location: Peele Hall Room 208 or virtual
Hours: Mondays from 2-4 p.m. 

Individual Counseling: Learn how to make an appointment. I have availability as early as next week for individual appointments. I will have options to meet virtually, in-person at the Counseling Center, and at our satellite office on Centennial. Once you schedule an appointment please indicate your preference.

I’m also actively working on a plan for drop-in group spaces to address concerns like anxiety, perfectionism and managing stress. More information to come! 

How would you describe your connection to the NC State community? Why are you excited to be here?
While I am new to this embedded role, I am not new to NC State. I’ve been with the Counseling Center since 2019. Also, I didn’t attend NC State for my higher education, but I’ve always been connected to the university in some form. Both my childhood best friend and husband attended NCSU – Go Pack!

What volunteer/outside organizations are you part of outside of work? Any hobbies or interests that would help students relate to you?
If anyone knows me, they would include the words food, cats, thrift stores, books and weightlifting to describe my interests. I am an introvert at heart and also love to connect with other humans. I love to eat my comfort foods (sushi, Thai, Indian cuisine) and try new food options! My favorite way to consume books is through audiobooks, and I love a good thrift store find. I used to be a competitive powerlifter and won a few competitions! Now I strength train and incorporate mindful movement into my life for balance and stress relief. 

I am a volunteer and foster parent for the Wake County SPCA and Perfectly Imperfect Pups rescue organization. I love all animals, and have a special place in my heart for cats and pitbulls. My husband and I have two cats and one pit-boxer mix. 

Anything else you’d like the Park community to know about you?
I believe counseling is for everyone and to feel the need for help with life’s difficulties is normal. My style is to be warm, supportive, and use a little humor when appropriate. I’m very excited to connect with you all!