December Graduate Spotlight: David Flowers ’21

This month, five Park Scholars will earn undergraduate degrees. We caught up with the soon-to-be alumni to find out what experiences had the biggest impact during their time at NC State and where they are headed next.

David Flowers

David Flowers ’21
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
College of Design: B.A. Design Studies
Poole College of Management: B.S. Business Management, Concentration: Finance

David served as the head of finance and instrument lending for Musical Empowerment, was active in Summit College, and completed an Ironman Triathlon during his time at NC State. He studied abroad in Australia and completed internships with SAS and Pendo.

What is your favorite part of the Park Scholarships program?

My favorite part of the Park Scholarships program was the community. From late nights in Peele to living with fellow Park Scholars, the people made the experience unique. Alongside other Parks, I found myself working on augmented reality apps, cheering on NC State in a banana suit, and playing racquetball. The vast array of interests amongst the individuals in the Park Scholarships community challenged me and ultimately crafted a university experience that I will forever cherish.

David Flowers
What was the most defining experience or aspect of your time as an undergraduate?

The most defining experience of my undergraduate experience was the training and completion of an Ironman Triathlon. The 140.6-mile race challenged me in numerous ways. I was forced to spend hours training, push my mind and body to their limits, and rely on others for encouragement when I was drained. The two-year-long process taught me about my capabilities and my weaknesses and culminated with one of the hardest but most rewarding days of my life.

What is your advice for current underclassmen?

Be willing to change your mind. Throughout my time at NC State my interests have changed frequently. My consistent exploration of new areas of interest led me to many new opportunities.

What’s next for you?

I will be staying in Raleigh to begin my career working as a product designer for Pendo.

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