Meet Park Faculty Scholar Kay Sandberg

Kay Sandberg

Kay Sandberg has been teaching at NC State for more than 20 years. After earning her bachelor’s degree at Tennessee Temple University and her Ph.D. at NC State, she joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry as a teaching professor. Sandberg and Trino Ascencio-Ibáñez serve as Park Faculty Scholars for the Class of 2025.

What is the best part about being a professor at NC State?

I enjoy interacting with students and helping them get to where they want to go. Former students are now doctors, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, teachers, PAs, and PTs, just to name a few.

What is something all Park Scholars should know about you? 

I really want what is best for each of you. I want to help each of you succeed. You can ask me anything. 

What inspired you to become a Park Faculty Scholar? 

I have taught many Park Scholars and I have mentored a few. I am hoping to be a great help and resource for the Park Scholars so that they reach their goals.

Share a story about a Park Scholar who has inspired you.

Several Park Scholars have served as teaching assistants (TAs) for my organic classes.  Alex Kim ’17 TA’ed for me for about five semesters. In the last semester of his senior year, he asked if he could teach the final class. So I started class and then pretended to need to leave for an emergency. I looked around and said, “Can any of you TAs take over for me until I get back?” Alex came down and taught the whole class. His parents were in the audience and I sat with them as we watched him lead the class — it was fabulous!

Which Park experience are you most excited about?  

I look forward to our Freshman Retreat where we will get to know each other and have fun.

What has been the most surprising or challenging aspect of your involvement with the Park Scholarships program so far?  

When I see all the activities and meetings, I know I will need to budget my time wisely so that I can get everything done.

What advice would you offer to Park Scholars? 

Please get to know your professors personally — go to their office hours and introduce yourself. 

What is one thing someone might not know about Park Scholars?  

They make the best TAs!

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