Picturing Resilience: Students Share Inspirations, Wellness Routines That Helped Them Through 2020

NC State Wellness and Recreation asked students to submit photos that demonstrated their resilience in 2020. Zack Jenio ’22 is among a group of students who interviewed for this project.

By Patrick Smith | Division of Academic and Student Affairs News

In a partnership between NC State University, NC Central University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, students were asked to share their view of the world, capturing the past year and answering the question “What does resilience look like?”

In response to this question, students submitted photos from their daily lives during 2020 that demonstrated resilience and how wellness helped them persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic. NC State Wellness and Recreation accepted submissions and recorded video interviews with some of the NC State students who participated in the initiative.

The students featured in the video were Hannah Javidi, Zack Jenio ’22, Sharonda Daniels, Lucas Garcia, Cierra Burkett and Sophie Ippolito.

This post was originally published by Division of Academic and Student Affairs News.