One Park, One Pack

One of the copper wolves at Wolf Plaza. Photo by Marc Hall

A robust foundation in diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical for the successful leader, public servant, and globally minded citizen. This work requires the investment of not only time and resources, but also funds. After months of collaboration with an anonymous donor, Park Scholarships is pleased to announce the establishment of the “One Park One Pack: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fund.” Created by a Wolfpack family with Park Scholarships ties, this endowment will provide enduring support for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the Park Scholarships program. 

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The fund aims to nurture the strong and powerful potential held by all Park Scholars for creating positive change specifically related to progress in diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice within and beyond the Park Scholarships program. It will support the development and expansion of projects and programming that build essential skills and competency in Park Scholars, advancing Park Scholarships’ mission of equipping students to make lifelong contributions to the university, state, nation, and world.

Inspired by the Park Scholarships program and community’s commitment to this important work in the near-term, the donors have also elected to make a $50,000 gift in current-use funds. This generous additional contribution will be available for immediate use in the 2020-2021 academic year. Plans are in progress and more information will be available soon on how the program will be able to put this gift into action.

Uniting together to “Think and Do the Extraordinary” is a hallmark of being a member of the Wolfpack community, and the donors are honored and excited to witness the lasting difference this fund will make within the Park Scholarships program, NC State, and beyond. We are grateful for this donor’s leadership and all of those who will join in helping to ensure this long-term support.

As part of their gift, the donors offered up to $20,000 in challenge funds to launch the endowment on NC State Day of Giving: Stronger as a Pack.

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