Eva Feucht ’02 Honored for Role Bringing Paid Parental Leave to UNC System

Credit: Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity

Park Scholarships Director Eva Feucht ’02 was honored at the 35th annual Sisterhood Dinner on February 24 for advocating for paid parental leave.

A paid parental leave policy was implemented at the start of this year for permanent, full-time employees throughout the UNC System after a four-year advocacy campaign. The movement was sparked by a presentation made by Feucht and research conducted by a Pathways Leadership Development Program team, and championed by the NC State’s Council on the Status of Women (CSW). Support from NC State senior leadership helped grow the effort and legislation expanded the policy from NC State to the entire UNC System.

While Feucht was nominated for an Equity for Women Award at the Sisterhood Dinner for her role in bringing paid parental leave to the university, she was emphatic that the policy was the result of a large group effort. At the dinner, that group was recognized for its collaborative effort and powerful impact.

Chancellor Randy Woodson honored the CSW and members of the ad hoc committee that played an integral role in realizing the paid parental leave policy. He also joked that campus improvements are ongoing, noting that a changing table was recently installed in The Point (the chancellor’s residence) after Feucht constructively noted its absence.

All joking aside, more than 30,000 people now have access to paid parental leave thanks to the persistence and dedication of many NC State staff members.