Music and Access: The Class of 2019 Legacy

Park Scholars give back – this mindset is at the core of the program’s mission and culture. Park Scholars donate their time to charities at home and abroad, serve as community leaders, and strive to use their talents to benefit others. The senior class legacy, a way for graduating Park Scholars to give something back, has become a tradition over the program’s 23-year history.

As their class legacy project, the Class of 2019 partnered with the Town of Clayton and the Clayton Community Recreational Foundation while they work to build Harmony Playground, an inclusive park intended to foster fun and friendship among children of all abilities. Understanding the importance of creating a space that meets the needs of many, the class offered to sponsor, design, and build an accessible musical section.

Having raised over $7,100 and spending a year designing and building, the resulting musical section consists of a fun variety of options for children to play. This includes a wooden xylophone, wrenchophone, PVC pipe instrument, talk tubes that run the length of each wall, all-metal pot cymbals, yoga bowl pole, bucket or “garden” bells, small cow bells, steel drum, metal xylophone, and rainmaker. Many of the instruments can be played using spatulas and playing mallets connected to the wall itself.

The final project was picked up and transported to Clayton on April 26. Harmony Playground is expected to break ground later this year.

Class Legacy Committee:

  • Charlotte DeVol ‘19, Chair
  • Abby Cox ‘19
  • Pavan Devarasetty ‘19
  • Carly Kvietok ‘19
  • Parker Lee ‘19
  • Madison Maloney ‘19
  • Kruti Patel ‘19
  • Christian Rust ‘19

posted 2019.05.14