Park Scholarships Welcomes Reneé Tutchton

The Park Scholarships team is pleased to welcome Reneé Tutchton, Assistant Director of External Relations.

Reneé will oversee the Park Scholarships program’s communications and recruiting efforts, and she will also play a major role in the application and selection process. In addition, she will serve as adviser to the students who serve on the Park Scholarships Distinguished Speakers committees, including the William C. Friday Award and Gerald H. Elkan Distinguished Lecture in Science and Society. She will also oversee the Park Scholars’ Plans of Professional Development and the program’s intranet, “SPIFFY.”

Reneé comes to us with several years’ experience working in higher education. She previously served as Senior Assistant Director of Admission at Rice University, working primarily on the Communications Team. In this role, she is a key contact and coordinator for planning, writing, and producing publication materials for all aspects of the undergraduate admission office. Prior to this, Reneé worked at Stetson University where she operated as co-advisor for the Events and Student Ambassador Program in the Office of Admission. Her time at Stetson also allowed her to lead several initiatives in alumni development, as well as manage and implement the prospective student database.