Jasmine Frantz ’13 Travels to Spain to Prepare for Teaching Career

posted 2011.07.14

Jasmine Frantz ‘13 recently returned to her home in Charlotte after participating in a study abroad experience in Spain earlier this summer.

While in Segovia, Frantz lived with a host family and was immersed in Spanish culture night and day for an entire month. “The differences between Spanish and American culture became apparent very quickly,” Frantz says of her experience, “notably the daily routine of Spaniards and their customs in the home.”

Frantz was enrolled in courses which allowed her to learn more about various facets of Spanish society ranging from technology to art. To complement her time in the classroom, Frantz traveled to Madrid, Toledo, and Barcelona to experience historical and cultural sites.

“In addition to learning about the culture and history of Spain, I was able to enhance my Spanish language proficiency throughout the summer,” says Frantz. She believes that thinking, speaking, and dreaming in Spanish was one of the most beneficial aspects of her experience due to the increasing value placed on the ability to speak Spanish in today’s job market, specifically in the education sector. “Living an entire month with a family who only spoke Spanish was challenging, but extremely rewarding due to the increased skill set I gained.”

Frantz’s time in Spain was funded, in part, by a Park Enrichment Grant. Park Enrichment Grants provide support for Park Scholars engaged in professional and personal enrichment experiences. These experiences are designed to foster the development of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, as well as connect Scholars with faculty.

After graduating with a degrees in mathematics and math education, along with a minor in Spanish, Frantz intends to pursue her dream of teaching high school math, whether that be in her hometown of Charlotte or elsewhere.