Rebekah Jewell ’12 Named Director of Community Outreach with Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service

In her new role as Director of Community Outreach with the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service, Rebekah Jewell ‘12 will be responsible for educating her fellow NC State students about community issues, promoting volunteer opportunities to address those issues, and chairing the Community Outreach Programming Committee – a group that plans and executes programs to link students with nonprofit agencies in Raleigh.

In terms of what she plans to accomplish in the upcoming year, Jewell states, “I hope to raise awareness on campus about issues that are plaguing our community and ignite a passion in NC State students to take a stand and help make a change. My goal is to get more students involved in giving back to our community, and for them to really understand the issues behind their service.”

One of the community issues Rebekah is especially passionate about is domestic violence. She completed her Park Scholars First-Year Community Service Project with Interact – a nonprofit organization that provides safety, support and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape/sexual assault. As a volunteer, Rebekah helped lead weekly group therapy sessions and served as a mentor to children.

In addition, Rebekah has also been involved in raising funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to assist with the organization’s efforts to find a cure for diabetes and its complications. She began organizing swim-a-thons in high school to raise money for use in diabetes research.

Rebekah’s commitment to serve also extends far beyond the state of North Carolina. As a member of the Invisible Children organization, she assists with efforts to build schools in the war-torn region of Uganda as well as raises global awareness of the role education plays in the lives of African children.

“As humans, we are all dependent on each other; none of us would be able to succeed all on our own. In some way, we have all had someone along the road who has impacted us by devoting more attention, effort, and time than was required of them. I feel that it is important to reciprocate the service that has been done on our behalf by helping those who are less fortunate,” says Jewell.

After she leaves NC State, Rebekah will continue to be of service to others through her career as a surgeon. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human biology and will complete her master’s degree in physiology during her fourth year as a Park Scholar.

~posted 2009.11.30