Park Scholarships Launches Redesign

Park Scholarships Launches Redesign

On August 25, the Park Scholarships program unveiled its newly redesigned Web site.

The new design provides more than just a facelift. In addition to the traditional information about the award, the site now features sections for high school counselors, recommenders and applicant’s family members. Profiles of students, alumni and faculty involved in the program, and an expanded frequently asked questions section also have been added.

Since the program introduced online applications in 2002, it has worked to make its Web site a central source of information for applicants. Prospective scholars receive feedback about their application status and can find important dates and the latest news online.

The new site was designed by NC State Creative Services and implemented by current Park Scholars, Nate Derbinsky (2006) and Jordan O’Mara (2007). Its release coincides with the 10-year anniversary of the Park Scholarships program.

~posted 2005.08.24