Park Alumni and Leadership Coaches Afford Class of 2017 Perspective

Two days prior to the start of their junior year, the Class of 2017 took part in “Concepts and Models,” a half-day session that’s part of the Park Scholarships’ comprehensive Leadership Academy. Steve Barr and Paul Mulvey, professors in the Poole College of Management’s Department of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship and former Park Faculty Scholars, led the session, which focused on self-awareness, personality, and communication styles.

The Krispy Kreme Challenge: Paving the Way for Entrepreneurship

Greg Mulholland’s name has a permanent spot in Park Scholarships lore, in great part due to his role in co-founding the Krispy Kreme Challenge. When asked how the experience of starting a running-and-donut-eating charity race helped prepare him for launching his own business, he offered the following insights.

Park Scholar Connections Propel Silicon Valley-Based Startup

Park Scholars point to their peers – similarly ambitious and hard working individuals – among the most influential aspects of the Park experience. Synergies between scholars are at the core of campus-based initiatives like Service Raleigh, Triangle Youth Leadership Services, and the Krispy Kreme Challenge, but they also extend well beyond graduation. While Greg Mulholland ’07 and Jordan O’Mara ‘07 initially followed disparate paths after NC State, now they’re drawing upon one another’s strengths to build a potentially revolutionary startup
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From Computer Science 101 to Tech Start-Up: Joy Johnson ’07 Embraces Problem Solving

In an increasingly interconnected world, we look to the innovative thinkers and technology developers to solve some of our most pervasive problems. Joy Johnson ’07 is one of these technological innovators. From her years as an undergraduate at NC State to her current research at MIT, she has been using her skill set to take inventive projects to the next level.

Digging Deeper: Cave Dwellers Explore the Big Questions

As freshmen, Park Scholars participate in a weekly seminar that introduces topics related to leadership and service, and exposes students to the diversity of NC State’s academic offerings and other resources. The seminar also provides a framework for how different disciplines approach problem solving.

Jordan O’Mara ’07 and Jason Wong ’06 Discuss Red Hat

posted 2013.02.10 To be successful in a company like Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source technology, one needs passion, and neither Jordan O’Mara ‘07 nor Jason Wong ‘06 is short on that. The two Park Scholar alumni have done very well in pursuing their passions for intellectual property and communications. While at NC State, Wong, a senior consultant for Red Hat, worked with theEngineering Entrepreneurs Program, while O’Mara, a senior software engineer, spent countless hours in the Open Courseware Lab. Both
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Donny Katz ’07 Increases Transportation Efficiency at Home and Abroad

posted 2012.11.21 Donny Katz ‘07 is a man on the move, but it’s more for our benefit than his own. Katz has a passion for getting people where they need to be safely and efficiently. He recently completed his Ph.D. in civil engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and his previous role as a research assistant had him analyzing the effects of airline depeaking at hub airports. “Depeaking is the removing of flight banks from an airline schedule to save
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Cory Blankenship ’07 Serves His Tribe and Community

posted 2012.10.09 Cory Blankenship ‘07 is deeply connected to his roots as a Cherokee. As a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Blankenship oversees the management of the Office of the Treasurer, including the departments of revenue, disbursements, investments, and risk management for the Tribal Government. Recognized by the federal government as one of only three Cherokee tribes, the Eastern Band of Cherokee provides its members with essential services such as healthcare, public utilities, emergency services, housing, and education.
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Win Bassett ’07: One of Wake County’s Newest Assistant District Attorneys

posted 2011.12.01 As a new assistant district attorney in North Carolina’s capital, Win Bassett ‘07 intends to serve the citizens of Wake County by administering justice fairly on their behalf. The Virginia native initially came to Raleigh as a Park Scholar to pursue a double major in computer and electrical engineering at NC State. Given his love for reading and writing, Bassett also added an English minor. As he pondered his future, Bassett chose to cultivate his interest in law, inspired, in
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Travis Miles ’07 Studies Climate Change in Antarctic Circle

posted 2011.07.21 After living through over half a dozen major hurricanes while growing up in Hawaii and North Carolina, Travis Miles ‘07 decided he wanted to spend his life exploring the atmosphere and the oceans. This past year, Miles spent several months in Antarctica to investigate how climate change impacts ecosystems on the frozen continent.   Miles (center) and Rutgers Antarctic team members loading a boat before sampling off Anvers Island, Antarctica. Miles was based at Palmer Station, one of
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