The Park Scholarships Program

What is the Park Scholarships program?

The Park Scholarships program brings exceptional students to NC State, based on outstanding accomplishments and potential in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The program develops and supports Park Scholars in these areas, preparing them for lifelong contributions to the campus, state, nation, and world. The scholarship is a four-year award that covers tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, travel, and personal expenses. An academic enrichment program complements the financial award.

What is the Park Foundation?

The Park Foundation of Ithaca, New York, helped launch the Park Scholarships program through a series of grants and a $50 million gift to start an endowment for the program. The Park Foundation supports scholarships in higher education, environmental protection, animal welfare, and quality media that heightens public awareness of critical issues. The Park Scholarships program was established to honor the legacy of the late Roy H. Park ’31, a distinguished alumnus of NC State and founder of Park Communications. Today, students, alumni, families, faculty, and friends have joined the effort to fully endow the Park Scholarships program. Learn how you can invest in exceptional students dedicated to scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

What are the conditions for renewal of the Park Scholarships?

The Park Scholarship is renewable for a total of eight semesters at NC State. Scholars must meet high standards in academic performance, character, conduct, and participation in program and service activities while completing at least 12 credit hours per semester.

What other benefits does the Park Scholarships program provide beyond covering college expenses?

Scholars participate in enrichment activities including class trips and leadership development seminars. They explore their academic interests with faculty mentors and may apply for grants to fund experiences such as study abroad, research projects, and service initiatives. Park Scholars receive priority registration for classes. For more information, visit The Park Experience.

Am I able to receive scholarships in addition to the Park Scholarship?

Per university policy, Park Scholars are eligible for additional merit scholarships from North Carolina State University provided they do not receive funds that exceed the Cost of Attendance as defined by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA), unless the awarding department stipulates otherwise. However, in practice, the university tries to spread merit funding to as many students as possible. Even though Park Scholars are eligible, it is very unlikely that they will receive additional merit-based scholarships from the university.

If you have received scholarship money from outside the university, it is up to that funding source whether or not you are eligible for its scholarship. If you are still eligible, and the total of the outside scholarship(s) and the Park Scholarship is higher than your Cost of Attendance in a semester, NC State will adjust the Park Scholarship to reflect other funds received so that the total amount of funds a student receives is not more than the Cost of Attendance.

For additional questions, please call the OSFA at 919-515-2421.

If I applied for financial aid, am I eligible for additional funding?

Park Scholars are eligible for additional funding if they have applied for financial aid; in fact, we highly encourage Park Scholars to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually so they may receive the need-based aid for which they are eligible. Park Scholars who have applied for and receive Federal Pell grants, grants from the state of North Carolina, or university grants to meet their demonstrated need will have the Park Scholarship reduced appropriately to keep the student within the Cost of Attendance. For additional questions, please call the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at 919-515-2421.

Does being a Park Scholar take a lot of time?

Park Scholars spend time on service and program activities. A student should expect to spend about the same time on Park Scholarships activities as might be spent on a three credit-hour university course.

How often do Park Scholars meet?

During the first year, scholars meet weekly for Freshman Seminar. After the first year, students meet less frequently – typically during Leadership Academy sessions and on class trips. A weekly time is reserved all four years for class and project planning meetings.

Who are the Park Faculty Scholars?

Two faculty meet regularly with each class of scholars and assist them in organizing their enrichment activities. For a list of the current Park Faculty Scholars, visit the Staff and Faculty section of this site.

Can Park Scholars receive additional funding for activities?

Yes. Park Scholars may apply for Park Enrichment Grants to support professional and personal enrichment experiences in the U.S. and abroad. Scholars have the opportunity to apply for travel grants awarded by the Park Alumni Society in order to cover airfare for fall and spring study abroad experiences.

Park Scholars are also eligible to apply for the supplemental funding resources available to all students at NC State, including:

What are Learning Laboratories?

Park Scholars participate in two Learning Laboratories – trips for scholars to learn about challenges facing leaders at the state, national, and global levels. The first trip is to a region of North Carolina during spring of the first year. Learning Laboratory II takes place in Washington, D.C., during fall break of the sophomore year.

Where do Park Scholars go after they graduate?

Park Scholars attend prestigious graduate and professional programs at institutions including Cambridge, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Oxford, and Stanford. They work for Fortune 100 companies, launch their own businesses, and engage in public service through programs like Teach For America and the Peace Corps. See the Park Alumni page for more details.